Aaron Staniulis





Aaron is a talented multi-instrumentalist and producer that attended Ithaca College’s School of Music, where he graduated with a degree in Jazz Studies and Audio Production. He serves as the Studio Manager and Producer/Engineer at Stamford Recording Studio (housed at The Pop Music Academy), is an active member of ASCAP where he is a registered songwriter and publisher, and his writing on the “nuts and bolts” of the music industry can be found in his regular column for the blog at Sonicbids. Aaron is also the proud Vice President and Director of Operations of local nonprofit organization, Hope In Harmony, Inc.


A native New Yorker, Aaron’s involvement in music began at a very young age and has lead him to study directly with a number of revered musicians and producers such as Steve Brown, John Stowell, Walter White and Alex Perialas. Having been on both sides of the microphone extensively, Aaron is able to offer a truly unique perspective drawing from his experience as a session musician/vocalist, songwriter, and sought after live and recording engineer. He has had the privilege of not only touring nationally, but also performing alongside and working for major-label artists and his idols: The Roots, Rockapella, Incubus, and members of the Saturday Night Live band, to name just a few. A performer who is just as comfortable in front of ten people as he is in front of thousands, his versatility has kept him active across a number of musical styles and genres.


When it comes to The Pop Music Academy, Aaron is excited by the unique opportunities that exist here for students, allowing them to go so much further than traditional music lessons and actually learn how to make a career in music. Knowing that not every student learns the same way, he embraces abandoning conventional “lesson plans” and seeks to make sure that the learning process is always fun and relevant. When not behind a microphone or mixing console, in his limited free time, Aaron can be found appreciating all things manual (razors, cars, coffee makers, etc.) and reading scientific periodicals on pandas.

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