Sky Clark





Sky Moon Clark is a passionate musician and multi-instrumentalist from Stamford, CT. He earned a B.A. in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music, where he specialized in guitar and worked with a variety of esteemed artists.


Raised in Paris, France, he was exposed to a diverse musical culture from an early age. He first became immersed in music when he started playing the guitar at age 14. A year later, he founded his first band, Frogg, for which he was the lead singer and lead guitar player. Frogg went on to win multiple awards and was invited to participate in many exciting performance opportunities, including the New Haven International Festival of Arts and Ideas.


At Berklee, Sky studied under many distinguished guitar players, including Joe Stump, a prominent neoclassical metal shredlord. He trained with Don Lappin, known for his unorthodox four-finger tapping technique, and also studied under accomplished music producer and guitarist, Randy Roos.


In addition to writing and recording his own music, Sky has taught music lessons to students of all ages for many years and is excited to continue his passion for teaching with the talented students of The Pop Music Academy!

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